We don’t have more than the name. However, we already know pretty much what we expect from our Colette.

The list is relatively short:

  • She should be fast. 1X knots on Downwind courses should be possible in good winds.
  • It has to be well made.
  • Keel mountings and bolts must be flawless and oversized.
  • Keel Type prfered a Twin Keel but not a must.
  • A large cockpit with sensible ergonomics for 2 active sailors and 2 Guest.
  • Oversized, proper autopilot.
  • The cockpit should be open to the rear or at least relatively accessible.
  • Anything between 38 and 42 feet is possible.
  • Gladly tiller instead of steering wheel.
  • 2 cabins and a wet area aft instead of the 3rd cabin would be the optimal layout for < 40 feet.
  • 3 cabin version if >= 40 feet
  • The engine room and surrounding should have enough space to accommodate a watermaker and a Enteron.
  • Engine doesn’t matter, it’s coming out anyway and will be replaced by an electric motor.
  • No teak on the running deck. Maximum on the cockpit benches and floor. Rather a fake teak covering or nothing at all.
  • The rig should not have too steeply swept spreaders.
  • A cutter stay would be ideal, at least retrofittable should be possible.
  • Classic battened main or furling boom. No furling mast.
  • Bowsprit and proper anchor gear with possibly a 2nd anchor.
  • Sail load locker or good storage.
  • The galley should have sufficient ventilation.
  • Cushion in at least L-shape.
  • Bright interior.

The Candidates

I have currently reduced or changed the list. You always learn something new when you have sailed the boats.

The candidates who have been shortlisted so far are (in order of desire):

  • JPK – 38/39 FC
  • RM Yachts – RM 1180
  • ELAN E5
  • Salona 380
  • More 40
  • Cantiere del Pardo – Grand Soleil 39/40

We know, of course, that in the end it is the offer in the period in which we are searching that decides, and we should be prepared to compromise. For me, there is only one requirement where I am not willing to compromise, the speed.
A seaworthy boat that is light but stiff enough to sail over the waves rather than through them. 50% more speed than the “barware” in light to good winds gives a safety advantage and above all is fun.

The selected boats will all be chartered in the next few years to test their suitability for our project. We have already seen and inspected most of them or their smaller and larger sisters at the fair and at the berth. That is not enough, of course. However, it is not easy to get these types of boats, with the exception of the ELAN yachts, on charter. For short term charter! Because if we were to charter all of them for 2 weeks at a time, we could almost buy one of them with the money. Well, at least make a down payment.

RM Yachts

Information about the shipyard can be found here.

Why RM? We like the bright and frenchy interieur, the Cockpit Layout and of cource the speed.

A very fast cruising Sailing Yacht with everything we require. I find the construction method with plywood and glass fibre very exciting, although the boat hull is quite angular as a result and very vulnerable at the corners. Of course, you can protect them separately. No problem.

The 10 series is the lowest end for us but not longer on our list due to space. Not least because the front cabin doesn’t seem really luxurious. In principle, it’s easily enough, but if you’re going to be travelling in it for 2 or 3 or 5 years, then it should already fit.

With the 11 series, the bow cabin, as well as everything else, is a bit more generous and the boat is a bit faster.

Last but not least, there must be a second-hand offer, because new is not an option for us with these boats.

JPK Yachts

The JPK 39 FC is relatively new but due to the relatively good price, some are likely to be sold. This is our Top-Favorite today. We’ll see if that’s enough for there to be an offer when we go looking. But there is still the predecessor model, the JPK 38 Fast Cruiser.

There is one Video on YouTube that shows exactly why we want a boat like this:

ELAN Yachts

Elan builds stable and fast cruisers. Not quite the class of an RM or JPK, but for a price that would possibly, at least with the E4, also allow a new purchase.
The shipyard in Slovenia has a long experience, thanks to its many products besides sailing yachts. Material professionals through and through. The E series are the fast boats with somewhat reduced equipment. And fast means that you can easily sail over the waves at 24 knots with a good wind.
At the same time, the E5 look relatively harmless.
A real advantage is the keel construction and its attachment. No material has been spared here – falling off? Never!

Unfortunately, Elan has raised the prices enormously, which kicks the E5 out of the race with a new price of over €360,000 (with some equipment)!

More Yachts

More is a fairly unknown manufacturer. Nevertheless, we were taken with the More 40 at the Düsseldorf Boot trade fair. Clean workmanship, light, beautiful lines and the price, well, here’s the problem again. There are no used More yachts on the market. Let’s see, maybe that will change. In any case, a hot candidate.

Another great Boat of which too few have been sold for there to be a decent second-hand market.

Cantiere del Pardo – Grand Soleil 39

The Grand Soleil 39 is a mistery. An insanely exciting boat. Top workmanship and very fast in its class but hardly any boats were sold. Maybe once a year a used 39 appears in the boat markets, but it disappears or is sold just as quickly.
The pictures certainly speak for themselves, a beautiful, valuable boat.

Cantiere del Pardo is one of the few manufacturers to offer polar diagrams for its boats. And in the case of the 39, they speak a clear language.

And last but not least …..

Maré Haute Django 9.80

Not longer on our list but still a beauty. Not enough space and no used boats on the market.

We visited the shipyard and got an idea of ​​the people who build the boats. It was very clear to us that the Djangos are a first choice.
The boats from Maré Haute are all trimmed for single-handed suitability.

When we sold our Etap 21i the Django 7.70 was in the selection of successors. In the end, the width of 3 meters for a trailer boat was the exclusion criterion. Very sad, because the 7.70 is also a great boat.
The 9.80 has enough space, is equipped inside a bit spartanic, especially the wet cell is now no oasis of well-being but you can change everything. If you buy it new, which would be quite an alternative at the price of the 9.80, you can have everything designed as desired. A nice option especially since the 9.80 is an absolute offshore racer.
Unfortunately, there is no such breathtaking video of the 9.80 as of the 7.70. But the 7.70 video from Lisa Yo (Berger) shows the why 🙂

Salona 380

Another fast Cruiser from Slovenia. I compare the Salona 380 to the Elan E5 Yes, the Elan´s Interieur is quite better and in some points the Salona needs an Update But the Boat is available on the udes market for reasonable pricing. A good experienced comunity do know the drawbacls and all of them are easily soaped out in a DIY matter.

And so we are faced with a choice. It will be a while before we get into the active boat search. Until then, maybe one or the other candidate will make it into the list, you’ll see.